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what to know about cryptocurrency trading - Taking a quick glance at Bitpatt, or any other crypto trading platform designed specifically for retail interest, it’s easy to see why so many … Know Your Crypto: The Very Important Differences Between Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Digital Tokens | Cryptopolitan - Flipboard Cryptocurrency (or crypto) trading bots are computer programs that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the right time. It involves some bits of technicalities that can put your. One or two cryptocurrency wallets – Stores the passwords encrypting the coins. Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. A wallet is a transaction ledger for your cryptocurrency trading. The bots carefully observe market conditions and execute trades basing on the preliminarily defined algorithms. The IRS can find cryptocurrency users. Customer Service. Mostly, the term bitcoin is used interchangeably with cryptocurrency. It is in the hands of investors to make it a paradise for themselves. Moreover, this wallet is termed as “Hot Storage” and is sensitive with respect to security because it is connected to the internet. Therefore, we may need to use two or more services to accomplish our goals. Regardless, people invest all their money in the crypto trade without adequate cryptocurrency knowledge and end up with soars in their bank accounts. Source: When you take into account how cryptocurrency markets are incredibly volatile, it’s understandable that one may be put off by the idea of trading crypto bots altogether. As easy as you may think that trading is merely buying and selling of goods, well, trading in cryptocurrency is the same but a lot harder. These cookies do not store any personal information. Thus numerous traders have flooded the market, hoping they can get a piece of the pie as well. Some investment companies that offer traditional stock trading … Bittrex is the only exchange that accommodates newly established currencies. They work in three stages: signal generator, risk allocation, and then finally, execution. Considering the actual definition, we can say, cryptocurrency trading is to speculate the cryptocurrency price movements. If you can time the market right, trading crypto can give you much higher returns than traditional investments. By actively trading your cryptocurrency, you risk losing your crypto to the market. Keep the cryptocurrency tokens in your digital wallet. Hardware Wallet – These are USB drives that are solely designed to keep cryptocurrencies securely. They resemble USB thumb drives that act as “keys” for cryptocurrency transactions. Seasoned trader Janny Kul explains that crypto trading bots are essentially computer programs developed to buy and sell cryptocurrency at the right time, all with the goal of garnering profit. These are derivatives, where one can keep an eye on the prices of cryptocurrencies and their movements. To inform you, yes, it is profiting for all those who learn the tactics to trade and stay wise. This is originally a software program, which allows you to keep your private and public key. Since the rise of cryptocurrency trading, many platforms host a variety of crypto exchanges for traders. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If you don’t take your time to understand the risks involved in the trade, your idea of it being a lucrative business will only make you think otherwise. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. What is Cryptocurrency: Everything You Must Need To Know! Founded in 2017, Binance has quickly become the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange by volume and continuously improves technology. Advanced investors can also concern brokers when they are unsure of the market status and price movement. However, Bitcoin is merely a digital currency that follows all the rules of crypto. Buy or Sell Bitcoin and altcoin directly wit your credit or Debit card. They facilitate cryptocurrency transactions but don't know when or how you got the crypto nor what the market value was at the time. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that generally only exists electronically. This is simply the playground of cryptocurrency trading. Fiat refers to the conventional money type, i.e., cash. A crypto wallet doesn’t store cryptocurrency. It is a vital question. The barrier to entry is relatively low. A crypto exchange is a site where you can trade cryptocurrencies for other cryptos or the common FIAT currencies like Euros or US dollars. The pandemic didn't help the holo at all in regards to the price. Desktop Wallet – An app on the pc lets you connect to your client’s coin directly. This is simply the playground of cryptocurrency trading. Unlike hot wallets, these cannot be remotely breached by hackers. It is not possible to receive physical crypto coins or bills. Nevertheless, many people might be afraid of the high risks, which are associated here. Add payment methods for depositing and withdrawing money. What to know about cryptocurrency trading. Traditionally, cryptocurrency trading is done in a systematic way involving a number of steps. Like bank accounts, crypto wallets come in a wide range of variety. It further cooperates with many blockchains and lets the user receive and send money in their wallet. Now that you want to trade in crypto, you should keep in mind a couple of details before taking the driver’s seat in this business venture. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The details about how much you can deposit/withdraw, or the methods for transactions depend merely on the exchange. You can take full advantage of “CompareBrokers”. It is not the only cryptocurrency in the market, but it’s popular because it’s the first in the industry. As we do need a wallet in our regular lives, similar to that, we do need a wallet for online transactions. The data available on this website is relevant and accurate. The sense of the data and technology involved may also be different in each exchange. Let’s move ahead and learn about trading cryptocurrency. Trusted investors vouch for Coinbase as a reliable exchange platform, and the big fan base of millions of customers makes it ideal for interacting with potential buyers and sellers. Unlike fiat currency markets, where prices usually don’t move by more than 1% each day, cryptocurrency prices can almost double overnight! Do not. You may select the exchange that has a credit card facility. It has detailed descriptions of all exchanges, their exchange rates, and the cryptocurrencies. Being one of the oldest found crypto exchanges (2011), Kraken is a partner to the first crypto bank. How Does Invoice Factoring Work and How is it Different from Bank Loans? The accessibility is restricted, but it is only for security purposes. What to Know About Cryptocurrency Trading. There are only a few things to know about trading cryptocurrency beyond what was noted above. Initially, you would need to do thorough research on the cryptos you want to invest in the market. The 41-year-old said he invested tens of thousands of dollars earlier this year in the cryptocurrency. You can see it as a digital form of payment where there is no central party that manages the currency. Which exchanges are leading and uncomplicated? The crypto wallet is divided into two categories, which are: The hot wallet is almost the same as the wallet you carry daily in your pocket. Litecoin (CCC:LTC-USD) is on the rise Monday as investors in the cryptocurrency hope it reaches the $400 mark soon. For a brief moment, Brian Cardarella was a Dogecoin millionaire. You also have to audit the digital wallet. Below are a few of the most important things to know before getting started: A cryptocurrency … As far as exchanges are concerned, you need to buy the coins and own them properly. Some of the favorable crypto exchanges include: Gemini is a fully licensed US-based exchange co-founded by Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler. It is not useful in daily transactions. It also varies from exchange to exchange. That is; Cryptocurrencies are just like any other currencies that can be transferred from one individual to the other. This is entirely disconnected from the internet. You can trade cryptocurrencies 24/7/365 or even use trading bots and let your trades run all the time. Cryptocurrencies can therefore eliminate the drawbacks of traditional money because they are completely traded via the internet. Frequent crypto traders use an ID verified exchange account to access essential trading tools for professional trading. Being one of the oldest found crypto exchanges (2011), Trading in crypto is not a more straightforward task. Market volatility. It does not necessarily require any ownership of the coins. There are mainly five steps, which you can follow to trade cryptocurrency uncomplicatedly: This is the question that people usually wonder before entering this market. As opposed to the stock market that opens and closes at specified times, there is no closing of the cryptocurrency market. How to Choose the Best Dog Bed for Big Dogs? The Candlestick chart (also known as the Japanese candlestick chart) is a type of... Blockchain technology is a robust network designed to ensure that cryptocurrencies/... We often do giveaways and enjoy socializing with you guys. They provide you a platform to trade cryptocurrency and let you become a part of the transactions as you buy and sell your coins. Benefits of cryptocurrency trading. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and it is currently trading at a little over 11k US dollar for a single bitcoin at the time of writing this article. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This is one of the reason that this market is not dominated by any institutional investors. Then place a higher value of your asset for starting a position. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The main advantage of short-term cryptocurrency trading is that it offers a really good opportunity to make high percentage gains. You usually exchange cryptocurrency with someone online, with your phone or computer, without using an intermediary like a bank. Here are six things to know before you start trading cryptocurrency. Purchasing coins is what follows and doing this necessitates forfeiting a certain amount of physical money in return for bitcoins. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset, a virtual currency liquid enough to function as money. They are also safe for transporting crypto data. Cryptocurrency Lesson No. Cryptocurrency trading beginners may want to consider things like transaction fees, the type of cryptocurrencies available on the platform, special offerings like resources for … How to trade? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Cryptos have been hyped as a strong contender for the next evolution of money. If you own a Bitcoin, you will have a copy of its transactions in a ledger, strengthening trust between you and the other traders involved with that Bitcoin. It involves some bits of technicalities that can put your investment at risk if you aren’t careful. You can do this by buying or selling the value of crypto on a currency exchange platform, or via a CFD trading account. In today’s fast-moving and tech-driven world, it’s no surprise that cryptocurrency trading attracts more and more traders from all over the globe. Before you trade in crypto, you should understand the following commonly used terms. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. We’ve already described this whole system as not clear enough for a majority of … Connect with us to stay updated, All rights reserved with Crypto Adventure 2018-2021. Source: An exchange platform, for selling and buying Cryptocurrencies. Trading from cash to crypto is beneficial and also profiting. It’s not as built out as the traditional stock trading ecosystem. 6 Pros and Cons of Using Modified WhatsApp Applications, Two Sustainable Items Every Dog Owner Needs, Top 8 Benefits of Owning a Mobility Scooter, 5 Reasons to Add Motorized Blinds to Your Windows. From there it is as simple as getting verified with the exchange and funding your account (a process that can take a few days). There are mainly two ways of trading cryptocurrency, which are described below: When investors initially start trading crypto, they generally prefer this one. Therefore, there are no middlemen when transacting in crypto, which means the transaction fee is usually minimal. Bitcoin Blockchain is the first decentralized digital asset that solves all the issues of double-spending in trading transactions. When crypto to crypto trading takes place, there are many complications and pairs of coins available on different exchanges. The brokers guide you in an appropriate manner if you are a beginner. Dogs are very loyal, friendly and affectionate towards their owner, they are cooperative and affectionate towards their owners and families. The records of transactions are merely maintained on the blockchains. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies. You need to know what exchanges are? But if you are an occasional trader, you can choose from plenty of platforms to do your cryptocurrency transactions. The entire cryptocurrency market fell more than 12%, and the market capitalization fell below the usd 2 trillion marks. But still, some of the seasoned traders enjoy the thrill of this wild market. The idea of a bot doing the trading on your behalf may seem suspicious, but this … 24-hour trading. And so on. This is what keeps it safe from all the high risks of viruses and hackers. Poloniex is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges with the most secure trading environment. The important point is, it remains safe when both the storages are compared. Important Note: The entities, mechanics, and functionality specifics of a crypto exchange run entirely different from those in the regular stock exchange. The cryptography that secures crypto’s financial transactions also links up a list of records (blocks) to form a Blockchain. EIther through a CFD account or by buying and selling the digital coins via an exchange. To start trading cryptocurrency you need to choose a cryptocurrency wallet and an exchange to trade on. Many investors have testified to the benefits of trading in cryptocurrency. You can use the USB device to trade in cryptocurrency online then take it offline once you are done transacting. It doubles the security. QNA Video | Who Am I | Cryptocurrency Trading | Bitcoin News | Get To Know Me [FACE REVEAL]. 4 Ways to Use Neon Signs to Light Up Your Storefront, Income Generating Strategies for Single Moms. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The value of Bitcoin varies depending on various factors. A crypto exchange is a site where you can trade cryptocurrencies for other cryptos or the common FIAT currencies like Euros or US dollars. What You Should Know Before You Start Trading Cryptocurrency. Advanced crypto traders prefer this exchange because of its unique data analysis tools. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Online Wallet – It is a web-based wallet that requires a real or virtual server to host the data. It’s like a bank where you can send and receive cryptocurrency. This is a brief knowledge that you must have before entering to trade crypto. The following is a list of all crypto wallets available in the market today; Important Note: Always remember that, whatever the type of wallet you use, once you lose the private key, you will lose all your money in that wallet. In fact, anyone who tells you to pay by wire transfer, gift card, or cryptocurrency is a scammer. You can save a significant amount of your funds in your cold wallet. It's also worth pointing out that while blockchain technology … Users must connect their hardware wallets to their devices to spend their crypto coins. Paper Wallet – It’s a print of a QR code for both private and public keys. However, it further depends on the investor to choose the most suitable type of trading. When Do I Need Owner Operator Dispatch Service? It is a very significant element of the digital world. Moreover, you will need to sign up and create an exchange account. Before we get into the specifics of how to trade crypto, it’s important for investors to know that the world of cryptocurrency is largely unregulated. In other words, if you want to trade cryptocurrency you need: When people trade, they need to use a cryptocurrency exchange. When you are ready to sell, just go ahead, but before that, you may store the tokens for as long as you want. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This currency only exists in electronic form (as digital assets) and is not governed by a single body like the regular currency controlled by banks. The cryptography that secures crypto’s financial transactions also links up a list of records (blocks) to form a Blockchain. However, this guide has all the necessary information you need to get started on the right track. Are they legal? A very useful website, in this regard, can best guide you. After diligent research, you've likely developed a feel for the cryptocurrency industry and you may have determined one or more projects in which to invest. In contrast to hot storage, cold storage or wallet is similar to a savings account. Set your profile and prove your identity by providing your phone number. It only keeps a digital code (, Like bank accounts, crypto wallets come in a. from Cryptocurrency hasn't been missed by investors and speculators. As opposed to the stock market, cryptocurrency markets don’t close, presenting a perpetually stressful situation for both newbie traders and experienced investors alike. Choose the most suitable cryptocurrency exchange with respect to its availability in your area, its payment methods, and safety. That is; A crypto wallet doesn’t store cryptocurrency. As there is a huge competition in the local market, the crypto market is not yet thickly populated and is considered relatively new. Mostly the advanced investors having pleasant experience enter this type of trading. For instance, you can store your passwords on your PC’s hard drive or a cloud. According to CoinMarketCap at the time of writing, the total cryptocurrency market capitalisation (market cap) stands at an eye popping 730 billion USD. It was founded in 2014, and to date, it has more than 100 different pairings of cryptocurrency. You have entered an incorrect email address! Thus numerous traders have flooded the market, hoping they can get a piece of the pie as well. 1. This platform always expands and broadens its proximity to support Blockchain technology, which is also ever-changing. Cryptocurrency is an incredibly speculative and volatile buy. Considering the actual definition, we can say, cryptocurrency trading is to speculate the cryptocurrency price movements. They aim to bring about profit to their users and ensure that they will be at an advantage in the long run. When you trade cryptos via a cfd account, you can speculate on price movements. Before venturing into cryptocurrency trading you need to have some tools or resources that will enhance and facilitate the process this includes: An Android or iPhone or PC; A Cryptocurrency Wallet, for receiving, sending and storing your Cryptocurrencies. This may be seen as both a negative and a positive feature. When they are so... All you Need to Know about Trading Cryptocurrency in 2021, Are Online Insurance Brokers the Right Choice – 2021 Tips, 6 Ways a Skilled HR Manager Can Boost Workplace Productivity – 2021 Review, Comparison of Cheapest Cloud Servers: Host Wind Vs Heficed Cloud Server. Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Blockchain to act as the public ledger of crypto known as Bitcoin. However, the distinguishing factor lies between encryption, decentralization, and the currency’s digital nature. Start trading according to the rules of your opted exchange. Here’s the first thing you need to know about Cryptocurrency Trading : The space is still very young and being developed. Therefore, it is critical to choose a crypto trading firm that operates in a regulated environment, with a strong financial position, and a … A crypto exchange is a site where you can trade cryptocurrencies for other cryptos or the common FIAT currencies like Euros or US dollars. EIther through a CFD account or … There is no physical coin or bill unless you use a service that allows you to cash in cryptocurrency for a physical token. Contrary, wallets function under certain conditions specific to each type. Source: Wit Olszewski / Litecoin was trading … There are more than 6,000 cryptocurrencies available to trade today, with a total market cap of nearly $350 billion (as of August 2020). As easy as you may think that trading is merely buying and selling of goods, well, Many investors have testified to the benefits of trading in cryptocurrency. It is an exchange that offers you diversity and investment opportunities in the crypto industry. The first step, usually, is to create a bitcoin wallet or account and get it funded by using any of the trusted platforms available in the cryptocurrency sphere. Binance’s name speaks for itself. As you have decided to start trading cryptocurrency, you must be aware of the facts and things associated with it. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Cryptocurrency stands for encrypted money. Many crypto exchanges and new coins trade and operate in unregulated environments, which offer few protections or remedies for the consumer if something goes wrong. Trading in crypto is not a more straightforward task. Take proper security measures by managing your private key (your password to open) and your public address (where others can send you money). It is easy to go long, that means “buy” when you think the value can rise, or go short means  “sell” when you think the value can fall. Therefore, you should consider securing your passwords in safer storage methods. Source: How Does Invoice Factoring Work and How is it Different from... How Profitable are Cattle Ranches in 2021? Regardless, people, This currency only exists in electronic form (as digital assets) and is not. Mobile Wallet – Can run in a smartphone app. It is easy and straightforward to learn because the exchanges are user friendly and comparatively less complicated. But if you are an. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Frequent crypto traders use an ID verified exchange account to access essential trading tools for professional trading. If you’re serious about cryptocurrency trading, though, you might want a hardware walle t instead. Even so, the profits you are bound to generate through crypto trading is worth all the hassles. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is still in its infancy. It only keeps a digital code (private key) securely since it’s the source of ownership that proves your legitimacy for the coins you send and receive. But first, you have to be familiar with and understand all the basics involved in crypto trading before deciding to invest highly. The meme tokens also rocketed by an even higher 130% over 24 hours earlier this week. There are two requirements you must have to trade in cryptocurrency. For further knowledge about brokers in your city/country and brokers regarding any particular cryptocurrency, you can visit the website mentioned above. Cryptocurrency trading is about speculating on price movements. Why Should Companies Outsource Their Marketing Management? It is essential to learn about the market before hands. It refers to the ease of accessing your cash. Government authorities use subpoenas to gather information from exchanges about who is trading cryptos.

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The NAACP has always been at the forefront of the fight against racial discrimination and economic inequality. Voting rights and the battles against voter suppression are just as important today as they were during the Civil Rights Movement. Health care, education, and economic opportunity need our action if they are ever to improve.

Help us win the fight.

ACT-SO Committee


ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics) honors academic and cultural achievers at the same level as sports achievers. ACT-SO members recruit 9th through 12th grade students annually for an academic competition. The NAACP believes that African-Americans can succeed and compete at the same or superior levels as their counterparts in classrooms, boardrooms and laboratories throughout the world.

Chair: Avelina Holmes

Meeting Date & Time: Varies according to ACT-SO activity schedule

Armed Services & Veterans Affairs Committee


The Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee focuses on Armed Services and Veterans programs at the local, state and national levels to ensure they are administered fairly for minorities. The committee studies conditions pertaining to minorities and their families and handles discrimination complaints from members of the Armed Services and Veterans.

Chair: W. Clyde Lemon

Date & Time: 1st Monday, 12:00 pm via conference call

Communications Press & Publicity Committee


The Communications Press & Publicity Committee works to eliminate employment segregation and discrimination in the media industry. The members monitor local and national media including advertising, and promote the NAACP Houston Branch to gain favorable publicity in local newspapers, television and other media.

Chair: Linda Chandler Jacobs

Meeting Date & Time: TBD 2nd Tuesday 6:30pm @ NAACP

Community Coordination Committee


The Committee on Community Coordination enlists the support of other community organizations on issues affecting the interests of minority groups and the NAACP Houston Branch in order to increase membership and volunteer recruitment, build coalitions around common goals, and increase Freedom Fund sponsorship of and attendance.

Meeting Chair: Juli McShay

Date & Time: First Monday of the Month, 4:30 p.m.

Criminal Justice Committee


The Committee on Criminal Justice raises awareness about the inequities in the criminal and juvenile justice systems as well as some of the public misconceptions about the impact of recent “get tough” criminal policies on crime rate trends. Member work to increase minority participation in the Grand Jury system.

Chair: James Dixon, II

Meeting Date & Time: 1st Tuesday 6:30pm @ NAACP

Economic Development Committee


The Economic Development Committee implements local efforts and supports national programs that preserve and expand economic empowerment among minorities. The members promote business and home ownership, employment, and job creation.

Chair: Roger Harris

Meeting Date & Time: 2nd Monday 5:30pm @ NAACP

Education Committee


The Education Committee works to eliminate segregation and other discriminatory practices in public education. Members focus on educational conditions affecting minorities including dropout rates, school funding, attendance, parental involvement, standardized testing, and teacher certification.

Chair: Dr. Carolyn Evans -Shabazz

Meeting Date & Time: 1st Thursday 6:00pm @ NAACP

Environmental Climate Justice Committee


The Environmental and Climate Justice Committee raises awareness of environmental issues, climate change and energy reform policies, and the linkages between environmental quality and social justice. The members are active in the Coalition for Environment, Equity, and Resilience (CEER), a collaborative made up of nonprofit organizations who have committed to working together to advance an 8 point plan.

Chair: Jacqueline Smith

Meeting Date & Time: Meeting times vary according to the Environmental Climate activity schedule.

Freedom Fund Committee


The Freedom Fund Committee (FFC) is the fundraising arm for the NAACP Houston Branch. The Annual Freedom Fund Advocacy and Awards Dinner (FFAAD) is the primary fundraiser for the branch. The FFAAD is traditionally held on the 4th Friday of October. Proceeds from the event support the branch operations and advocacy programming for the branch. The FFC also assists the unit with securing funds for special advocacy projects and the capital improvement fund for the branch headquarters.

Chair: Argentina M. James

Meeting Date & Time: Varies according to Freedom Fund activity schedule.

Health Committee


The Health Committee is concerned with access to health care, health education, treatment and research, and sponsors health fairs and workshops highlighting important health issues for minorities.

Chair: Carol Moore

Meeting Date & Time: Varies according to Health activity schedule.

Housing Committee


The Housing Committee studies housing conditions and new financing methods to promote home ownership. The members oppose all restrictive practices whether public or private, and refer complaints of housing discrimination.

Chair: Belinda Everette

Meeting Date & Time: 1st Wednesday 12:30 pm @ NAACP

Labor & Industry Committee


The Labor & Industry Committee works to eliminate discriminatory employment practices in industry and government, wage differentials based on race, unequal opportunities for training and promotion, discriminatory practices in labor unions, and unfair dismissals.

Chair: John Bland

Meeting Date & Time: 3rd Wednesday 6:00pm @ NAAC

Legal Redress Committee


The Legal Redress Committee on Legal Redress investigates all cases reported to the NAACP Houston Branch, supervise all litigation in which the Branch is involved, and keeps the National NAACP and Branch informed on the progress of every case.

Co-Chair: Mary King, Esq. & Charles Livingston, Esq.

Legal Clinics: 3rd Saturday of each month, 9am-2pm

Membership & Life Membership Committee


The Membership & Life Membership Committee works to increase membership by organizing campaigns, soliciting new members and renewals, and encouraging life memberships.

Chair: Mable Caleb

Meeting Date & Time: TBD 2nd Tuesday 5:30pm @ NAACP

Political Action Committee


The Political Action Committee focuses on voter registration and election turnout as well as legislation designed to improve the educational, political and economic status of minority groups. Members monitor proposed legislation and seeks the repeal of racially discriminatory laws. The Committee is non-partisan and does not endorse candidates for public office.

Chair: Claude Cummings Jr.

Meeting Date & Time: 2nd Monday 6:00pm @ NAACP

Religious Affairs Committee


The Religious Affairs Committee uses an educational program designed to give moral and ethical interpretation to the civil rights struggle and conveys this message to religious groups of all faiths. Members seek the support of religious groups for membership and fund raising.

Chair: Bishop Johnny Tates

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

WIN (Women In the NAACP) Committee


The WIN Committee supports social justice issues affecting women by serving as an advocacy vehicle for social, economic, political, educational and health and welfare issues affecting women.

Co-Chair: Sylvia Donahue- McCarter

Meeting Date & Time: 2nd Wednesday 6:30pm @ NAACP

Young Adult Committee


The Young Adult Committee works with the Membership Committee to solicit memberships of individuals 21-40 years of age, and maintain a mentorship program that is a support bridge from youth and college to NAACP Houston Branch participation. Also provide networking and social opportunities for young adults.

Chair: Porschia Harris & Cha’Mira Keener

Meeting Date & Time: 1st Thursday 6:30pm @ NAACP

Youth Works Committee


The Youth Works Committee collaborates with the national NAACP to recognize exemplary youth, develop programs and activities consistent with the Association’s policies and mission for youth groups.

Chair: Avelina Holmes

Meeting Date & Time:Varies according to ACT-SO activity schedule