NAACP Houston Branch Urges Bail Reform in Harris County

NAACP Houston Branch Urges Bail Reform in Harris County

There are two words that have seemed to escape the leadership at  Harris County. These two words should be the most important words that every elected official should hold dearly. These words are logic and ethics. Logic is defined as a proper or reasonable way of thinking about something; sound reasoning. Ethics is defined as moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or conducting of activity.

Over the last few months, I have begun to wonder whether the leadership of Harris County has lost an understanding of these two words. After years of fighting a revision of the county’s bail system and losing at all levels, even after spending more than 2.5 million dollars, they refuse to give up. I ask why is it so important to keep a young 17 year old male, who posseses a small amount of crack, in jail because he does not have $500 to obtain a $5000 bail while at the same time letting a drug king pin out because he can come up with the $10,000 to obtain a $100,000 bail.

Our bail system should not be predicated on one’s ability to pay but should follow the constitutional dictate that (A) an individual charged with a crime must not be a danger to other members of society and (B) the setting of any bail amount should take into consideration of one’s ability to pay”.  Bail reform is a fight that the NAACP Houston Branch will continue to fight until a just outcome is reached.


– Dr. James Matthew Douglas, Houston Branch President


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