Homes for Christmas


The NAACP Houston Branch, “Home for Christmas” Initiative is a strategic partnership with local financial institutions as a three-tiered approach to building and sustaining growth and development in targeted Houston communities.

The NAACP Houston Branch, “Homes for Christmas” Housing Initiative provides resources and access through the three pillars of the program:

Education – To increase minority homeownership
Retention – Save existing minority homeownership
Investment – In minority neighborhoods and communities

2019 Home Buyer Education Class Schedule

Saturday, February 16th Saturday, March 23rd
Saturday, April 20th
Monday, May 6th
Tuesday, May 7th
*Classes must be taken together to count for 1 Saturday Course
Saturday, June 15th
Saturday, July 20th
Saturday, August 24th
Saturday, September 21st
Saturday, October 19th
Saturday, November 16th

Saturday Classes 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
*Materials & Meals provided by NAACP
Monday/Tuesday Classes 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Location for All Classes
NAACP Houston Branch
2002 Wheeler Avenue
Houston, TX 77004

Class is Free of Charge – 100% participation required only

* Preparation for home acquisition
* Rent or Purchase –Financial Literacy
* Entry level home ownership
* Relationship Banking –you and your financial institution
* Credit –Repair, Scoring, and Solutions
* Income and Assets
* Mortgage mechanics –Interest Rates, Loan Programs, Taxes & Insurance
* Property 101 –Location, location, location, appraisals & such
* Real Estate Resources


Program Summary

The NAACP Houston Branch, “Homes for Christmas” initiative is a strategic partnership with banking, real estate and municipal community organizations as a three-tiered approach to building and sustaining growth and development in targeted Houston communities. This initiative will focus on education and access for individuals in three comprehensive segments:

Community Education – Provide  seven module home buyer education program, facilitate HUD-approved home buyer counseling and  financial literacy programs and implement education targeting credit and income management, home ownership and generational wealth development.

Community Retention – Work within at-risk markets within the Houston MSA to provide education and access to resources to maintain existing home ownership and community stability.  Recognize and address fair housing opportunity.

Community Investment – Develop partnership and opportunity between real estate community, developers, and financial service providers through workshops, services and education.

EducationPreparation for home acquisition:
A seven module curriculum with detailed, collaborative tools to provide a comprehensive, actionable plan to prepare for homeownership.

The Basics – Rent vs. Own

  • What it takes to be a Home owner
  • The Mortgage Process
  • Real Estate, Realtors, Contracts and the Property Search
  • Down Payment Assistance
  • Getting Started
  • The Team – Financial, Real Estate and You

Provide information and access to resources that will sustain vital growth in all communities, through property maintenance, improvement and foundational wealth.

Through “Homes for Christmas”, the NAACP will further the education of responsible home ownership. With education and resources, existing communities protect property values and learn market practices to establish values and price points for homes in the community.

Value of home ownership
When it makes sense to ‘Stay’ rather than ‘Sell’
County and Municipal resource management
‘Know Your Value’ and your community’s

Facilitate relationship development between residents and the real estate community, developers, financial services providers to source and identify viable options to stabilize, sustain and grow desired communities.  Provide investment education, wealth transition and foundational tools to protect, preserve and stabilize community development and opportunity.

In recognition and celebration of the centennial year (1918-2018) of service in the city of Houston, the NAACP, Houston Branch launched the “Homes for Christmas” initiative with the goal of increasing and sustaining home ownership in minority communities by 100 families and/or individuals.   Our motto “from class to keys” provides a collaborative partnership to ensure the participants have a clear path from class to homeownership with weekly and monthly targets and goals.   We partner with each participant to ensure the dream of home ownership is realized.

In 2018, the inaugural year of the program, Homes for Christmas program results were:  two hundred and thirty seven (237) participants completed the program, receiving their home ownership education certification. From the certified participants, twenty-two (22) new home owners (closed and in their homes) and a pipeline of fifty-one (51) new homeowners to close in 2019.

Through new home ownership, retention of existing home owners and community investment from our financial partners and the real estate community, the NAACP Houston Branch will continue its efforts to bring more families – ‘Home for Christmas!’